'Stylishly executed and stunningly performed, [solitary] is packed with visual poetry and bursting with sociopolitical ambition.' ... Kristofer Jenson, BostonReel

Locked away in a prison’s solitary confinement unit, an inmate fights to stay human while forced to endure the compounding psychological effects of long-term isolation.






At its core, [solitary] is an exploration of the well-hidden practice of solitary confinement within the US prison institution – through drama, plunging into the darkness to examine its many effects on the human spirit. Across the country, tens of thousands of men, women, even juveniles spend each day inside cells barely larger than a porta-potty. people are left Damaged... Deteriorating... Alone.


Told in a series of cinematic chapters, the claustrophobic narrative stays with one nameless inmate as he tries to withstand multiple years of total isolation. fighting against the inevitable erosion of his mental, psychological, and emotional state amongst haunting, visceral detail of the eerie environment -- from the maddening hum of the fluorescent light to the echoing screams that surround his cell to the bloody fingerprints that he presses on the walls to mark each passing day down in ‘the hole.’ 


with his world reduced to a white, windowless eight-by-ten cell, will the inmate's humanity endure?




[total running time: 16 minutes, 39 seconds /// usa /// 2016] 

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